Radfund came together as a group of friends who wanted to support movements working to fight injustice.  After a year of gathering and organizing, we grew into a giving circle focused on supporting people, organizations, and causes who are on the front lines to address issues of racial and economic justice.  We set personal goals that challenge each of us to give according to our own privilege.


We aim to give at least 1% of our income and .1% of our wealth annually to folks in NYC organizing to protect frontline communities and to challenge structural inequality. 


Our approach involves:

  • Shifting power and resources to communities affected by and fighting against structural inequality;

  • Giving desired resources and skills, and shifting decision-making power to affected communities;

  • Challenging each other and our community to give at least 1% of income and .1% of wealth; and

  • Developing lasting relationships with each other and those we support.

We support those who:

  • Work on structural change by attempting to shift power and resources to those who lack it;

  • Have an intersectional analysis of the relationships between race, sex, class, gender, ability, and sexuality;

  • Have a hard time accessing resources through traditional channels;

  • Employ strategies that include community organizing, leadership development and training, and direct action; and

  • Primarily live and work in New York City.

We ask ourselves to give:

  • At least 1% of our annual income, and 2% of income over $100,000, 3% of income over $200,000, and so on, and;

  • At least .1% of our total wealth, and .2% of wealth over $1,000,000, .3% of wealth over $2,000,000, and so on.

  • You can calculate a Radfund member’s estimated contribution, although of course Radfund accepts donations of any size!

Annual income:$
Total wealth:$
Expected contribution:$