A vision of change to support those who...



Work on structural change by attempting to shift power and resources to those who lack it.

We support people and communities that identify as poor, queer, brown, trans... We support affected communities working to shift power. This includes issues of economic inequality, trans rights, racial justice, affordable housing, and displacement.

Have an intersectional analysis of the relationship between race, sex, class, gender, ability, and sexuality.

We support organizations who understand that there may be many root causes for one fight. When undocumented youth fight for a path to citizenship, the strategy must include an analysis of xenophobia - but it must also include strategies to confront racism, among other issues

Employ strategies that include community organizing, leadership development and training, direct action, and rapid response.

We aim to shift power, and we believe that can grow from organizing, and investing in affected populations, and sometimes, being direct and active to give voice to the most powerless. Sometime we must act quickly to support emerging actions or causes. Rapid response grants can be used to mitigate emerging threats, take advantage of unexpected opportunities, support a bail fund, or mobilize when needed.

Live and work in New York City.

From the outset our aim was to give to and within our communities. Change at the local level is critical to advancing broader systemic change - because of this we want to support the organizations and individuals who are working daily in our neighborhoods. We currently represent eight neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn and the Bronx.